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Honda is the market leader in the general motorcycle category. However, in the Small Super-Sports (SS) Segement, Honda HW1 still cannot win over Yamaha Exciter in terms of sales & brand preference. Therefore, our task is to understand and develop locally relevant communication & media approach for Honda HW1 to increase consumer interest and improve Honda competitiveness in the SS segment.

As our target consumer are mostly Gen Z, the value of a SS motorcycle goes beyond functions and technical specs. It has to give them emotional values that fit with the image they aspire - which Yamaha Exciter has successfully give to its consumers via building a young and flashy "street racing" image.

The uncertainties on the race of life sabotage our consumers’ confidence and is the key barrier stopping them from reaching the finish line. To make HW1 become the SS motorcycle that can “POWER UP GEN Z’S CONFIDENCE TO RACE FORWARD” by Inspiring them with the story of their role models who dare to take control over life's uncertainties and keep moving forward in the race of life with the companion of HW1.

We chose to tell the story of Den Vau - the most authentic, ideal progressive thriver that has been looked up to by Vietnamese Gen Z. With a strong insight and concept that consistent with spiritual product value, in addition to the right media strategy, taking advantage of multi-channels and promoting the strengths of each platform (from Online to Offline) at each stage, the campaign has achieved significant KPIs and reached the top 10 outstanding campaigns in February 2022.