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    Honda Vietnam
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Honda is the market leader in the general motorcycle category. Peak seasons that should be taken advantage of are timing from July to Sep when Summer & Back to School happen. Therefore, our tasks are to push sales on these peek seasons and show our meaningfulness and distinctiveness with Yamaha promotion in the same period. 

SUMMER  is the longest time in a year to relax after hard-studying and school activities. They have more time to get chill moments and spend more time on their hobbies, especial traveling and trekking. Motorbike and gifts should be a travel partner in their refresh and chill journeys.  

BACK TO SCHOOL is the time to kick-off all new news: new friends, new teachers, new subjects and activities, new opportunities, etc. After 2-month-long summer, they are now fully recharged and get ready for the new chapter (school year). This is also a chance to (re)-express their best self to their community. Motorbike and gifts should be a collection to help them express their (unique) identity 


We also jump into Gen Z life insights. The way Gen Z live & express their identity: Authenticity, Multi-dimension explorer, Identity expression. Motorbike should be an ally in their everyday journey to explore multiple paths and express their identity. In order to catch the attention and convince our target audience, we build message relevance with life insights & season insights. Single message focus on key highlight of promotion scheme  

With a strong insight, key message tailored for each group of Target Audience and the right media strategy, taking advantage of multi-channels, and promoting the strengths of each platform (from Online to Offline) at each stage, the campaign has achieved significant KPIs.